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Intumescent Fire Stopping

Protect your business premises from potentially catastrophic fire damage, and ensure total compliance with the UK’s fire stopping regulations, with our range of fire stopping materials and intumescent smoke seals.

Shop intumescent fire and smoke seals, fire mastic sealants and foams, intumescent fire grilles and more. Fire Protection Online is a one-stop shop for all your fire protection needs, providing a complete range of products with easy-to-understand guidance for site managers.

We offer competitive pricing with zero compromise on quality - after all, fire protection is not an area for lowering your standards.

Get everything you need to secure your business premises with the help of our fire protection experts, who are prepared to answer any questions you may have to help protect you and those using your site.

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  • What are the UK fire stopping regulations?

    The Building Regulations 2010, Fire Safety, Approved Document B. Requirement B3 states:

    “Where reasonably necessary to inhibit the spread of fire within the building, measures shall be taken, to an extent appropriate to the size and intended use of the building, comprising either or both of the following –

    (a) sub-division of the building with fire-resisting construction;

    (b) installation of suitable automatic fire suppression systems.

    The building shall be designed and constructed so that the unseen spread of fire and smoke within concealed spaces in its structure and fabric is inhibited.”

    It is therefore part of the site management responsibilities that measures be taken to, in the event of a fire, limit the spread of both fire and smoke within the building.

  • How do intumescent fire stopping materials work?

    Intumescent strips and smoke seals contain a substance which, when exposed to heat, swells to increase in volume but not in density. These intumescent substances are therefore very useful in providing a fire-proof smoke seal or barrier when the temperature rises as a result of a fire.

  • What types of intumescent sealants are there?

    What types of intumescent sealants are there?

    1. Soft char intumescents produce a light char (or ash), which is a very poor conductor of heat. They are often coupled with a hydrate, which releases water and therefore keeps the product cool. Once the hydrates have given off their water, the char produced continues to insulate against heat for a period of time.
    2. Hard expanding intumescents are often mixed with graphite or sodium silicates to produce products that expand rapidly to fill spaces. The idea is that fire is prevented from travelling through gaps, holes or openings by the rapidly expanded intumescent products.
  • Our range of intumescent fire stopping products and materials

    • Use our fire-rated mastics and foams like ordinary sealants, but with the added reassurance of effective fire retardant properties, to keep seals airtight for longer in the event of a fire. Our best-selling fire retardant spray is simple to apply to flameproof fabrics, foam, paper, and untreated woods.
    • Pipes and ducts passing through walls in your premises provide an ideal passage for a fire to travel along - until it meets one of our pipe collars, sleeves or other fire stopping items. Intumescent fire collars contain a special material that expands inwards to seal the pipes, while fire stop blocks can be tiled into a fire resistant wall that can easily be removed or reconfigured.
    • Doors and windows are full of small gaps that could allow fire and smoke to escape the room and spread further throughout the building. We provide a range of door and window fire stopping options to seal even the tiniest spaces, including hinges and locks.
    • Our range of lighting covers prevents fire from entering the ceiling void and spreading further by igniting accumulated dust or dirt.
    • Where ventilation is required, intumescent fire grilles are smarter than the average grille, letting air in and out in normal conditions, and sealing shut for up to 60 minutes in the event of a fire. Available in a range of sizes to suit all applications.
  • Our accreditation and guarantees

    All of our products come with:

    • Low Price Guarantee
    • 100-Day Free Returns Guarantee
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Next Day Delivery