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Lith-Ex Fire Extinguishers

Lithium batteries are now commonplace and used in phones, laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics. While they have many advantages including providing a high output of power and swift recharging, they also pose a serious fire hazard. This is because lithium batteries are sensitive to heat and extremely flammable – in high temperatures or if damaged, they can burst into flames and cause life-threatening damage. 

It's important you know that you cannot put out a lithium battery fire with traditional fire extinguishers or powders. 

At present there is no standard for extinguishing lithium battery fires. That being said, our lith-ex fire extinguishers are the safest and most effective way to put out lithium battery fires as they use a non-toxic and revolutionary extinguishing agent called AVD or Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion. In fact, the lith-ex fire extinguishers we stock won a new product innovation award in 2016 for their effectiveness. Available in a range of sizes, they are perfect for homes, businesses and vehicles.

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Are lithium-ion batteries a fire hazard?

Yes, lithium and lithium-ion batteries are a fire hazard. They pose a significant risk if damaged or exposed to high heat, as the subsequent chemical reaction produces a flammable gas which can cause the batteries to catch fire or explode. The gas serves as fuel for the fire, enabling it to spread rapidly. 

One of the most reported about lithium battery failures happened in 2017 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – this subsequently led to the company recalling the model and airlines changing their baggage and safety guidelines. Learn more about how a battery fire starts, and what you can do to extinguish it.

How do you put out a lithium-ion battery fire?

Lithium battery fires cannot be put out by traditional extinguishers or powders. Our lithium battery fire extinguishers are specially designed to put out such fires. They use a non-toxic and revolutionary extinguishing agent called AVD or Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion, which is deployed as a mist to create a film over surfaces. This film instantly dries to create an oxygen barrier that cools and prevents re-ignition. Learn more about how to use a lithium battery fire extinguisher

What type of fire extinguisher is needed for lithium batteries?

At present there is no standard for extinguishing lithium battery fires. This means our lith-ex fire extinguishers are unable to display a fire rating. That being said, you can rest assured that they have undergone extensive testing, are CE marked, and are manufactured in accordance with BS EN3 requirements (the European standard for portable fire extinguishers). If you require any further information, please do visit our FAQs or get in touch.

Our accreditation and guarantees

All of Fire Protection Online's lithium battery fire extinguishers have been manufactured to the highest quality possible and have a genuine CE Mark (a legal requirement with the Pressure Equipment Directive - PED).

All of our fire extinguishers come with:

  • Low Price Guarantee
  • 100-Day Free Returns Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 6 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Next Day Delivery