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Lith-Ex Fire Extinguishers

Lithium batteries are now commonplace and used in phones, laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics. While they have many advantages including providing a high output of power and swift recharging, they also pose a serious fire hazard. This is because lithium batteries are sensitive to heat and extremely flammable – in high temperatures or if damaged, they can burst into flames and cause life-threatening damage. 

It's important you know that you cannot put out a lithium battery fire with traditional fire extinguishers or powders. 

At present there is no standard for extinguishing lithium battery fires. That being said, our lith-ex fire extinguishers are the safest and most effective way to put out lithium battery fires as they use a non-toxic and revolutionary extinguishing agent called AVD or Aqueous Vermiculite Dispersion. In fact, the lith-ex fire extinguishers we stock won a new product innovation award in 2016 for their effectiveness. Available in a range of sizes, they are perfect for homes, businesses and vehicles.

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