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Make Yourself Heard with our Megaphones

In the event of an emergency, or just for basic crowd control, nothing beats the simplicity of a battery-powered megaphone or loud hailer. Our megaphones are chosen for their clarity, portability and reliability, ensuring every word can be heard when they matter the most.

The small 8 watt megaphone is perfect for fire drills and small premises, as it is simple to use, and made from a robust, easy to clean plastic. This neat model can be heard up to 700 metres away, so it's also perfect for school sports days or garden fetes, etc. It works very well indoors, too.

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Lightweight Megaphones

Our most popular model is the 20W lightweight megaphone which delivers clear sound quality thanks to it piezo technology, and has low power consumption, so your batteries last longer (and it takes AA batteries which cost less). It's suitable for fire drills, sports coaching including rowing, school fetes, village fairs, pub fun days and almost any outdoor event. Easy to carry, this smart megaphone also includes an emergency siren and whistle sound, and a battery power level indicator. (remember to buy your batteries with your megaphone right here at Fire Protection Online)

Economy Megaphone

If you prefer a hand-held microphone, consider the 30W economy megaphone is ideal for all fire wardens and fire marshal, (although hand on heart, our 20 watt megaphone is actually louder and more durable) but this 30 watt model features a siren switch.

More Punch for Your Pounds

For full professional use, see the 25W heavy duty megaphones, featuring a choice of pistol grip only or grip plus handheld microphone and shoulder carry strap. Thanks to a 12v jack power lead and car power plug (12v DC) you can even use these from a vehicle without draining the megaphone's battery power. With a 1km range and lots of decibels, a heavy duty megaphone definitely should be used outside for best results, making them ideal for Police, public order, construction sites, airfields, boat yards, etc.