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Fire Stopping Around Pipes

Prevent fire from travelling through your building via the pipework with our smart intumescent fire stopping solutions.

Fit your pipes with intumescent collars, and when the temperature rises, the collars will expand to seal the pipe tight shut, preventing flames from travelling along from one room to another. If your pipes pass through a brick wall, seal them in place with fire-resistant mortar, or use a fire batt cut to fit around the pipe.

Fire batt is a mineral fibre board coated with a special mastic that turns into fireproof ceramic in the case of a fire, offering up to 4 hours protection. You should apply the mastic to any cut edges, and we sell lit, literally, by the bucketload!

Finally, fit a thermal fire pipe sleeve to pipes emerging from fire-rated walls; our sleeves are required by law and building regulations for water pipes and heating systems.

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