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Fire Point Marking Systems

Fire point safety signs literally point people to the best source of fire information and safety equipment in their area of your premises.

Your fire points can be easily numbered and identified using our numbered signs, easily fixed to the wall below your chosen fire point sign. You can also mark fire alarms, extinguishers and other firefighting equipment with our sheets of self-adhesive fire equipment numbers.

For extra visibility, fire point signs are available to mount either flush to the wall or at a 90-degree angle, as a panoramic marker. Both these styles are available in super-durable Jalite AAA rigid PVC plastic, for strength and resistance to knocks. All Jalite fire point signs are photoluminescent, so even if the lights go out, your fire point will be glowing and visible.

Does Fire Protection Online offer a discount on fire point signs? Of course we do - at a very generous discount.

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