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CO2 Fire Extinguishers

CO2 fire extinguishers are the only extinguishers suitable for use on electrical fires. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is non-conductive and leaves no residue, so can be used on electrical equipment safely and without causing damage.

CO2 fire extinguishers can also be used on Class B fires (flammable liquids). Fire Protection’s Online’s range of CO2 fire extinguishers includes 2kg, 5kg, 10kg and 30 kg sizes, suitable for offices, factories, warehouses and other commercial premises. It is required by law for all non-domestic premises with electrical equipment to have a CO2 fire extinguisher on site at all times.

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What is a CO2 fire extinguisher used for?

CO2 fire extinguishers are used predominantly for fires involving electrical equipment. They are the only extinguisher suitable for this purpose. 

CO2 is a dry, inert gas that does not conduct electricity or leave residue. This means it can be used safely on live electrical items without damaging them. For this reason they will often be found alongside valuable electrical equipment in commercial settings.

They are also suitable for use on Class B fires (flammable liquids). CO2 fire extinguishers are often purchased alongside foam fire extinguishers because between them most fire types can be tackled safely and safety regulations met confidently.

How do CO2 fire extinguishers work?

Inside the extinguisher CO2 gas is kept under high enough pressure to become a liquid. When the lever is operated the pressure is released and the liquid CO2 turns into a gas, and is discharged. 

CO2 is heavier than oxygen. This means it will displace it in the air surrounding the fire, so it becomes starved. 

What colour is a CO2 fire extinguisher?

CO2 fire extinguishers are usually bright red, with a thick black panel above the operating instructions. They are also available in a chrome finish (which is actually highly polished aluminium). 

Chrome extinguishers, because they are not painted red, are not BS EN3 certified but their unique design may be preferred in some settings.

How to use a CO2 fire extinguisher

It is important to know how using CO2 fire extinguishers differs from other kinds of fire extinguishers. 

The most important thing to remember is that the horn on a CO2 fire extinguisher can get extremely cold when the extinguisher is discharged. This is due to the difference in pressure between the inside and the outside of the extinguisher – the internal energy of the CO2 decreases when the pressure is changed, causing a sudden drop in temperature. This can make the horn of the extinguisher cold enough to cause frost burn, although many horns have been designed to prevent this happening.

CO2 extinguishers should only be used on small fires. After releasing the safety pin squeeze the handle to discharge the CO2. These extinguishers have a short discharge time, and can be loud. The horn should be aimed towards the base of the fire. If the extinguisher is being used on a liquid fire it’s important not to spread or splash the liquid with the stream of CO2. Everyone in a commercial premises should be trained in using an extinguisher in case of emergency.

Delivery and guarantees

All Fire Protection Online products from stock ordered before 2pm are sent via next day delivery. Please visit this page for more delivery details.

Fire Protection Online stock fully accredited, high-quality CO2 extinguishers with the following guarantees:

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