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Fire Alarm Panels

Conventional fire alarm systems in larger business premises require a fire alarm panel. These control panels connect all the fire-related devices together so they can be monitored and controlled from one place.

As the leading fire protection supplier in the UK, we only stock the best equipment and materials to ensure your space is safe and compliant with the necessary industry regulations. Our fire alarm panels are C-TEC and LPCB certified, giving you peace of mind that your building and the people inside are protected.

As well as control panels, we also supply 2- and 4-core fire cables as well as fire alarm servicing options by one of our trained engineers.

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  • What is a fire alarm control panel?

    Fire alarm panels are a central communication hub for conventional fire alarm systems, commonly used in commercial buildings and offices. The detectors and call points in each 'zone' connect to the panel via individual loops. A signal is then sent when a zone is activated. The panel will then display which zone the potential fire is in.

    All the sounders and beacons in the building will then sound to warn all the occupants that there is an emergency. This will cause any connected fire doors to close and stop the operation of lifts.

  • How to isolate zones on a fire alarm panel

    To isolate or disable specific zones on your CFP fire alarm panel, you must first access the panel using your key or security code. Then follow the steps below:

    1. Press and hold the 'next' button for 3 seconds until you see a yellow light flash in zone 1 of the 'zone fault/disable/test' box. 

    2. Keep pressing 'next' until you reach the zone you wish to isolate or disable. 

    3. Once you've reached your desired zone, press the 'enable/disable' button until you see the yellow light flicker at a faster rate. 

    4. The faster flickering means the zone is disabled. A slower flash means the zone is enabled. 

    5. Press the 'next' option button to confirm the disabled selection. 

    6. Continue the process to any other zones you wish to isolate and repeat. 

    7. Any isolated/disabled zones will display a yellow light.

    Always check the manufacturer guide to ensure the above steps are consistent with your model.

  • How to silence a fire alarm panel without a key

    If you don't have your fire alarm panel key to hand during an alarm, you can silence the panel using the security code. Once you have gained access to the authorised user controls, you can silence the alarm by pressing the 'silence/resound sounders' button.

    You should always ensure all occupants are safely evacuated from the building before accessing the control panel.

  • How to reset a fire alarm panel

    To reset the fire alarm panel after an evacuation or false alarm, simply press the green 'control panel reset' button and it should be cleared of the red warning lights and return back to the original settings.

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