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Fire Stopping for Ducting and Cables

In today's commercial buildings, ducting is used for everything from air con to electrical cables, making a veritable motorway for fire unless precautions are taken. For open ceiling spaces, create a temporary firewall using intumescent fire stop block to create a tailor-made wall. Wrap the join between ducts or pipes and walling with intumescent duct wrap, or use a fire trunking or ducting sleeve for retrofitting plastic ducting or cabling.

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Intumescent fire pillows are a remarkably flexible and versatile solution to providing a flame-proof seal in ducting or cable runs. When maintenance is required, simply move them away and replace when you're done. If a fire starts, these pillows will expand and form a flame-proof seal that stops fire spreading through a structure via its ducting or conduit systems. All four sizes of fire pillow from Fire Protection Online have EN1366-3, LANTAC Building Control Approval and NHBC Type Approval.

Suitable for most UK HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) ductwork, our damper is the UK market leader, automatically shutting at the first signs of fire. Keeping escape routes clear to save lives, and reducing property damage, these are available in a range of different sizes.

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