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Flammable Liquid Cans

With Flammable Liquid Cans, you have the ability to make environments better protected and employees feel much safer when using flammable and even volatile liquids. There are industries where there is no alternative but to use these chemicals, such as when it comes to cleaning.

How Do They Work?

They are constructed of galvanised steel which is has a powder coating. This ensures the cans are strong enough to survive punishing environments. Other cans are instead made using a high-density polyethylene which enables them to also be safe for use with corrosive liquids.

There are many technologies in the can which ensures they are safe too. With flame arresters and carbon inserts, they reduce the likelihood of ignition. And an automatic ability to vent means that the chances of explosions and ruptures are greatly reduced too.

And in order to prevent leaks, some of them also have self-closing lids so that they are always tightly sealed.

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Storing And Pouring Hazardous Liquids

All of the above features ensure that the contents are always stored in a way which guarantees their safety. Together, they work so you can worry less about the possible dangers, and focus more on the job at hand.

There are also features which ensure it is easier to pour the contents as well. Flexible metal hose spouts ensure you can accurately pour the hazardous liquid into the small opening without worrying about spilling anything.

As well as that, spring-loaded latches will allow for the cap to remain open so it doesn’t get in your way whilst pouring liquids.

Or you could choose to have faucets on your storage cans. Different faucets are available to suit the type of work they’re needed for, with smaller ones ideal for labs and the larger ones best of industrial settings. And of these, you can also have a container which sits in a metal frame to make tilting easier too.

How Can I Make The Everyday Use Of Dangerous Liquids Easier?

Many of these volatile chemicals are ideal for cleaning, as is the primary reason for the use in many instances. When you need to bathe small parts, then dip tanks and bench cans offer the ideal solution. They provide a safe method of placing items into the chemical, as well as protecting the liquid from external threats.

Safety plungers are good when you need to wet a rag or cloth, as simply pushing down produces enough liquid to do the job without any waste. And when you need somewhere to put oily materials when you’ve finished with them, the waste cans provide a controlled environment to store them until you can safely dispose of them.