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Stairways Signs

If you've ever decided to walk up the stairs in a hotel, rather than take the lift, you'll know how each floor looks pretty much the same as the last without a stairway safety sign to tell you how far up you have climbed!

The Fire Protection Online range of stairwell safety signs include clear numerals for numbered floors, or letters for alphabetical zoning. All our stairways green safety signs are made with high grade PVC in the UK, and are photoluminescent, vital for seeing where you are in the dark.

For increased safety, the photoluminescent stair nosing pack provides you with photoluminescent tread edging that clearly mark the edge (nose) of each step.

For open-sided staircases or steps, the photoluminescent stair tread pack marks the inside of any open treads, to guide your footsteps down the stairs in safety.

You can save a generous 51% off retail prices, not just for our range of stairway safety signs, but also on our photoluminescent stair treads marking kits.
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