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Alarm Cables and Fittings

Finding the right fire alarm cables and fittings can be overwhelming. Ours are easy and quick to install, as well as weather, moisture and fire-resistant – in line with British Standards and the 18th Edition regulations.

In 2019, cable regulations were updated to the 18th Edition in order to prevent fatalities caused by falling wires. New cable installations should be adequately supported so they won’t collapse in the case of a fire. This applies to all areas, not just escape routes. 

Fittings and fixtures used should also comply with the 18th Edition. Our metal cable clips have a melting point of over 1000°C and meet all the requirements of the updated regulations. Not to mention being quick and simple to install.

Once the terminal is installed, our flexible cables can be fitted onto smoke and fire detectors, call points, sounders, and beacons. No annoying sheaths, wraps or foils, which would otherwise need removing. We offer fire alarm cables in red or white with 2-core and 4-core options. They are supplied on a strong plastic reel for easy storage and use. 

Browse our complete range of fire alarm cables and fittings below.

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