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Health & Safety Posters

Health & Safety Posters

Health & Safety posters help you to educate your employees on safe working practices to prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. Our range covers a vast array of topics from manual handling, to first aid and fire safety. Often positioned in a communal area where everyone can see them, or in the area of a particular hazard, these safety posters act a gentle reminder to the training they should have already received.

Featuring simple to read information and clear illustrations, they’re easy to follow and compiled by health and safety practitioners to ensure they’re accurate with up-to-date information. While the first aid posters convey step-by-step instructions for treating a medical emergency, our other posters give concise information on the relevant regulations and what needs to be done in order to be compliant.

The HSE Health & Safety Law poster is a requirement for every workplace, while regulation posters are required in workplaces the relevant risk is present. While a majority of our other safety posters are not a business necessity, you are required to ensure employees are given clear instruction and training for any equipment you provide, which these posters will help you to achieve. Plus, anything that can prevent an accident or injury will always be something which is welcomed by any responsible employer.

With a durable, laminated construction, the health and safety posters are designed to last for years and simply require fixing to the wall, whether you choose to use sticky pads, staples or pins. As a responsible employer, you should do everything in your power to prevent injury and illness for the benefit of your workers, as well as your business.

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