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Fire Rated Mastics and Foams

Flames aren't fussy; they will try and ignite whatever they touch! So, if you've got items you want to protect that are made from any absorbent natural or synthetic materials, such as cloth, foam, cardboard or untreated wood, a fire retardant spray is ideal.

Colourless, odourless and non-toxic, you simply spray it on (or soak the fabric) and let it dry. It's so easy to use, no wonder it's one of our all-time best-sellers here at Fire Protection Online. (Please test a small area first as this product is water-based, and please note it will tarnish metal of any sort.)

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For sealing gaps, our intumescent mastic is joust as easy to use as normal mastic. Stick the cartage in a mastic gun and seal those gaps around doors, windows, pipes, cables, or small holes in walls and partitions.

Our fire rated foam is even easier to use; apply straight from the can to seal larger apertures between walls and ceilings, around partitions or any space around pipes, ducting, cables or similar. Once hardened, the foam can be painted and offers up to 2 hours fire resistance.