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Lighting Fire Covers

Most commercial ceilings are made using fire resistant tiling, which provides a barrier to fire spreading through the building from room to room. However, as soon as you remove a tile or two to pop in a light fitting, you've opened up a route for the fire to the dust and dirt every suspended ceiling accumulates over time.

Lighting fire covers provide a barrier above the light fitting that re-seals the ceiling, and prevents dust and dirt falling from ceiling to floor as well. When exposed to fire, these covers provide a highly insulating char that can keep fire from the cavity for up to 60 minutes. They also provide an acoustic seal, so noise travel through the ceiling cavity is drastically reduced.

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Easy to fit, our lighting covers can be used with luminaire boxes or cone-shaped down lighters, incorporating ventilation slots to keep the lights from overheating. Our luminaire cover requires no additional fittings of any kind and comes in a range of sizes, ready to fit in just a few minutes.

Our fireproof socket box covers offer the same seal of protection for plasterboard walls or cavity walls, and are so easy to fit - no glue or screws required. These neat little boxes will keep fire at bay for up to 2 hours.