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With a full range of ladders at Fire Protection Online, we have what you’re looking for whether it commercial ladders for your business, ladders to carry out DIY at home, or simply just a step up in the office. There are also ladders suitable for all environments and tasks, including step ladders, extendable ladders, warehouse steps, work platforms, loft ladders or even accessories to complement those working at height.

Whichever option you choose, it ensures you’re able to safely and comfortably reach stock on a high shelf, change a lightbulb, paint the ceiling, clean your windows and guttering, and put things away in the attic.

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Which Ladder Is Right For Me?

Our multi-purpose combination ladders are suitable for most jobs and thankfully store away compactly and conveniently. With some featuring as many as 24 possible setups, potential configurations include as an A-frame, extension, staircase and 90-degree ladder, and even as a trestle-and-plank scaffolding system.

However, where you need to reach high up, but don’t have the space to store or transport extension ladders, our telescopic ladders are the perfect solution. Available with a maximum length of over 4 metres, these can be raised to a length which suits your task, but best of all condenses down to under one metre. This means it’s perfect for transporting in a van or car and is easy to store in a shed, garage or cupboard.

The wide range of warehouse steps provides solutions for libraries and archives as well as large-scale warehouses with stock stored high up on racking. Whichever task you or your employees face, there is a ladder or work platform to meet your needs.

For loft ladders, it is essential that they safely reach between the floor and through to the loft, meaning you can always securely access your attic safely. Our range has a compact design that required no storage space or extra headroom in the loft, as well as resisting fire for up to 30 minutes to prevent its spread.

What Do I Need To Do With My Ladders?

Firstly, and most importantly, is ensuring they’re suitable for the task you’re going to be using them for. For example, whichever ladder you choose, it needs to be tall enough to safely reach and be stable enough in whichever step up you require it for. Additionally, if you need your ladder to meet a specific standard, then you need to ensure the ladder you choose is compliant.

It’s also important to make sure anyone who uses a ladder in a public or commercial premise has received the correct training and that an appropriate risk assessment has been completed. Working at height training should be provided to those working on scaffolding and those who may only use a ladder from time to time. Plus, a risk assessment may require specific fall protection equipment to be worn or for the ladder to be secured in some way.

It’s also important that regular ladder checks are completed. Essential to ensure the ladder is always in a safe condition, it means any deterioration is picked up early, so it’s resolved before there’s an issue or prevents an unsafe ladder from being used and potentially causing injury or damage.