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We stock a variety of different ladders to suit all types of environments and needs. Whether you're looking for commercial ladders, DIY ladders, fire escape ladders or step ladders, we have all the sizes and specifications to suit.

Multi-purpose combination ladders are a great versatile option if it's going to be used for different purposes. They are compact to store away and lightweight to manoeuvre.

Buy ladders with Fire Protection Online at the best price – guaranteed. We offer a standard 100-day returns policy and, if you need your order urgently, get free next-day delivery on orders over £60 (when placed before 2pm).

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  • What is the best space-saving ladder?

    If you need a high-reach ladder, but don’t have the space to store or transport, our telescopic ladders are the perfect solution. They are available with a maximum length of over 4 metres, yet condense down to under one metre – ideal for transporting in a van or car, and easy to store in a shed, garage or cupboard.

  • Can I install a loft ladder myself?

    Our fire-rated loft ladder comes fully assembled with the hatch for easy installation. You can fit it yourself with only final tweaks required and no requirement of a tradesman. Full installation instructions come with the product for easy guidance.

  • Is training required to use a ladder?

    If ladders are being used for work purposes, then training should be carried out in order to meet health and safety requirements for the workplace. Risk assessments should also be carried out before the ladder is used, and it's always recommended to have another person present to steady the ladder during use.

    There is no specific training requirement for DIY ladders being used in a domestic environment, however, you should feel competent enough to use the ladder safely and sensibly.

  • What ladder accessories do I need?

    Depending on the type of ladder being used and the purpose, additional accessories may be required to meet safety standards. For example, fall protection equipment is recommended when working at height, so you can confidently and comfortably work in a hands-free position, without the worry of falling. Tool lanyards help prevent any injury or damage caused by a dropped tool as it will just fall to your side instead.

    You may want to protect your ladder from being tampered with or used without permission. A ladder guard is a great solution to this as it easily secures onto any ladder, covering the treads so it cannot be climbed.

  • What are step ladders used for?

    Step ladders are amazingly versatile and perfect for tradesmen who use them daily, as well as for carrying out home DIY tasks. They even come in handy for some added height when reaching up to high shelves or cupboards. Their compact nature makes them lightweight and easy to store at home, work or in vehicles.

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