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Cones and Fencing

As part of our line of traffic management equipment, traffic cones and fencing barriers are perfect for when you quickly, and briefly, need to cordon off an area. This could be so that maintenance or cleaning can take place, to cordon off a hazard, to restrict access, or even to better manage a crowd or queue.

With a range to suit different environments and requirements, you can select the type which best suits your needs, at the best possible price. These are often used in shops, public buildings, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, and for events alongside our car park equipment.

For example, our JSP post and base kits are best used with plastic chain. Suitable for use inside and out, these are simple to erect and dismantle, require little storage space, are available in highly-visible colours, and are sturdy enough to not fall over in a breeze. Likewise, the telescopic cone bar can be easily placed at the desired length and can even be used in tough environments such as construction sites, while traffic cones are instantly recognisable and suitable for any external applications.

Steel barrier fencing pins are perfect for outside events when you can knock the pins into the ground and then hang barrier tape or fencing around the pins to create your barrier.

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