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Double sided hanging fire exit signs

The key to successful and effective fire signage is to make each and every sign as visible as possible. This is of crucial importance when indicating where fire exits are positioned, as any time lost searching for the nearest exit could be critical to your safety. So, what do you do if there is no convenient wall or window to fix your fire exit sign to?

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Double-sided Fire Exit Signs: Look Up

The answer is way above your head - literally! A double-sided fire exit sign hanging from your workplace ceiling offers clear, uninterrupted sightlines, so your staff and customers can find the nearest exit quickly and easily.

Double-sided fire signs are available in a variety of designs to indicate exits on all points of the compass, including those down stairs or at a lower level. With ceiling-mounted signs, you need never worry about an exit being out of sight around a corner; your double-sided fire exit sign will point the way.

Photoluminescent fire exits signs

Fire Protection Online only sell Jalite photoluminescent rigid plastic signs. These photoluminescent signs effectively 'store' light during daylight hours and therefore glow in the dark, so you can find your way to the nearest exit, even in low light levels.

Positioning Your Double-Sided Fire Exit Signs

Our rigid plastic signs need to be fixed to the ceiling at a suitable height so they are visible, yet not an obstruction or hazard to the taller members of your team, or indeed any machinery that might need to move underneath.

Fire Exit Signs: Big Is Beautiful

Double-sided fire exit signs from Fire Protection Online are available in three sizes:

  • Size T - 340mm x 120mm - a standard size which can be viewed at up to 17 metres distance

  • Size K - 400mm x 150mm - a larger sign for factories, warehouses, and larger premises, which can be viewed at up to 22 metres distance

  • Size J - 450mm x 200mm - our largest size, suitable for exhibitions, leisure centres and shopping centres which can be viewed at up to 30 metres distance

Get Kitted Out, Make Your Life Easier

For office environments with false ceilings, or for flat ceilings, you can buy the optional fixing kit. This is an easy to install solution that gives you control over your sign height thanks to its innovative spring system.