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Fire Escape Ladder

Do you have a fire escape ladder at home? Here's why you might need one. If fire broke out downstairs in your house, or on the stairs themselves, how would you get out? Buy a fire escape ladder from Fire Protection Online, and you'll give yourself an additional escape route in an instant.

The first generation of fire escape ladders act just like a rope ladder and stay safely stowed away until needed. Simply open your window, hook the brackets over the window opening, and lower it down. You can easily climb down the ladder's firm rungs to safety.

Unfortuately, the popular range of first alert fire escape ladders are no longer available in Europe, but our remaining selection are just as capable 

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Fire Escape Ladders: Two Storey or Three?

Our standard domestic fire escape ladder is 4.5 metres long, or 15 feet, making it ideal for use from a two storey, first floor window in the average home. Our First Alert 25 foot, or 7.5 metre fire escape ladder is designed for use from a second floor window, features non-slip rungs, and comes ready assembled in its own storage box.

Three Storey Fire Escape Ladders

For homes or buildings with three storeys, our range of easily-deployed escape ladders makes it quick and easy to exit from a second floor window in an emergency. The First Alert 7.3 metre fire escape ladder comes in its own storage box, will hook over window sills as wide as 13 inches, and will take weights up to a massive 510kgs. The Kidde three storey escape ladder folds neatly together as it uses fire resistant material between the rungs, resulting in an easy to lift ladder that weighs just 5.5kgs.

Fire Ladder Safety Harnesses For Children

Small children should be helped to safety, but a ladder may be too frightening or big for them to manage. Our UK-made safety harness secures your toddler to your body, leaving your hands free to climb down safely.

Fire Ladders: An Ideal Gift For Students in Flats or Shared Houses

Let's face it, students tend to spend time in shared accommodation in their rooms, and if fire breaks out downstairs when a fire escape is not provided, escape may prove tricky.

In addition, not every first floor flat requires an external fire escape, and it's worth considering the possibility that the route to any fire escape may be blocked.

Give your student son or daughter a chance with a fire escape ladder. Hopefully they will never need to use it, but you'll have peace of mind that they can escape if they need to.