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Fire Escape Ladder

When fire strikes, seconds matter. Especially for those on higher floors, a blocked main exit can turn a dangerous situation into a terrifying one. That's where fire escape ladders come in. These easy-to-use ladders provide a vital second escape route, offering peace of mind and a clear path to safety in an emergency. Browse our selection of fire escape ladders to find the perfect fit for your home.

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  • Fire Escape Ladders for 2 & 3 Storey Houses

    Our standard domestic fire escape ladder is 4.5 metres long, or 15 feet, making it ideal for use from a two-storey, first-floor window in the average home. Our 7.5 metre fire escape ladder is designed for use from a second-floor window, features non-slip rungs, and comes ready assembled in its own storage box. For homes or buildings with three storeys, our range of easily deployed fire safety ladders makes it quick and easy to exit from a second-floor window in an emergency.

    While First Alert fire escape ladders are now unavailable in Europe, our selection of fire escape ladders meet safety standards and can help you escape safely in an emergency.

  • Fire Ladder Safety Harnesses For Children

    Small children should be helped to safety, but a ladder may be too frightening or big for them to manage. Our safety harness secures your toddler to your body, leaving your hands free to climb down safely.

  • Safe Escape in Flats or Shared Houses

    Tenants in shared accommodation will spend time in their rooms, and if fire breaks out downstairs when a fire escape is not provided, escape may prove tricky. In addition, not every first floor flat requires an external fire escape, and it's worth considering the possibility that the route to any fire escape may be blocked.

  • How to Use a Fire Escape Ladder

    In an emergency, the fire escape ladder offers a quick escape from a window. Here's how to use it:

    1. One: Open the window fully. Make sure it's at least 315mm wide.
    2. Two: Hook the emergency escape ladder over the window sill. The sill depth should be less than 250mm.
    3. Three: Carefully lower the ladder outside the window.
    4. Four: Descend one person at a time. Each rung has anti-slip treads and stands off from the wall for secure footing. Safety Tip: For smaller children, a child safety harness is recommended for secure descent.

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