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Emergency Lighting Stickers

Emergency lighting stickers are a simple yet effective way to draw attention to emergency exits in the event of a fire or evacuation. Should there be a power outage, emergency lighting remains functional. Meaning our stickers are vital in guiding occupants to safety quickly.

Made from durable Jalite photoluminescent plastic, our emergency lighting stickers are easy-to-clean and heat-resistant. And, even better, our packs of 10 come ready cut-to-size. So all you need to do is stick them onto your emergency lighting and they're good to go. 

Our stickers are universally designed to fit all emergency light fittings, including wall-mounted and hanging luminaires. Once in place, the light shines through the white legend which stands out against the green background with the direction of the exit. 

Browse our range of lighting stickers below and enjoy free next-day delivery on orders over £60.  

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