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Fire Fighting Equipment Signs

Your business premises may be equipped with the best fire fighting equipment in the world, but without fire fighting equipment signs, nobody is going to find what they need!

From fire reels to fire alarms, telephones to fire extinguishers, these vivid red signs show the location of important fire safety equipment, thanks to a design incorporating both the standard graphics and a flame symbol.

Ideal for your business, our Jalite AAA rigid plastic signs will take years of everyday wear and tear. These photoluminescent signs are protected by a glossy outer layer that not only protects the special glow-in-the-dark layer, but also shrugs off dirt, dust and moisture.

Fire fighting signs are available to fit flush to the wall, or at a 90-degree angle. Our panoramic signs allow the sign to be viewed from almost any angle, ideal for larger premises with difficult sightlines.

And whichever way you look at our prices for fire fighting equipment signs, you'll be saving at least 48% on normal retail prices.

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