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Automatic Fire Extinguishers

Automatic fire extinguishers are, as their name suggests, designed to put out fires without requiring human intervention. It can take a while for someone to detect a fire, by which point the flames might have caused widespread damage or grown in size and severity to pose a life-threatening risk. By comparison, automatic fire extinguishers activate the moment the temperature climbs above 68° Celsius. They are ideal for unsupervised locations or to protect important machinery.

Automatic fire extinguishers come in two types: powder automatic extinguishers, which contain the same powder as our other powder fire extinguishers, and FE36 automatic extinguishers. The former is suitable for boats, plant rooms, engine bays and flammable liquid stores, while the latter is suitable for protecting computers and electronics, clean rooms and delicate machinery. They come with a mounting bracket and can be attached to either the ceiling or wall and made to directly face what you would like to protect. 

Our range includes automatic fire extinguishers of different types, shapes and capacities to cater to a variety of locations and needs.

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How do automatic fire extinguishers work?

Automatic fire extinguishers work the same way as standard extinguishers do, except the squeeze grip handles are replaced by a heat-sensitive glass bulb which acts as the trigger. The bulb contains a liquid that expands when subject to heat. At a certain temperature, typically 68° Celsius, the bulb bursts and the extinguishing agent is released. The extinguisher head acts as a sprinkler and effectively disperses the extinguishing agent across the local area. 

For example, if there’s a fire in the boat engine compartment, the automatic fire extinguisher will activate and extinguish the fire swiftly, before people on the boat even realise what’s happened. Learn more about the effective uses of an automatic fire extinguisher system. Don't forget to take a look at our range of car and boat fire extinguishers, if you’re considering your options for these types of environments.

What’s the difference between automatic powder and FE36 extinguishers?

Automatic powder extinguishers are popular for two reasons: they will fight almost any type of fire, and they are affordable. However, there is a risk of after-fire damage. FE36 powder extinguishers are more expensive because the FE36 gas is a clean agent. This means it will leave no after-fire damage or mess. And since the extinguishing agent is a gas, it can rapidly disperse across a local area. 

Our point of view is that no matter what a fire must be stopped, and so preventative safety measures must be taken where necessary. Learn more about choosing an automatic fire extinguisher

Is FE36 bad for the environment?

No. Unlike Halon 1211 (BCF) or Halon 1301 which came in green extinguishers, FE36 has zero effect on ozone depletion and is safe to use anywhere. Learn more about fire safety and prevention in our fire safety videos.

Our accreditation and guarantees

All of Fire Protection Online's automatic fire extinguishers have been manufactured to the highest quality possible and have genuine full BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) certification, BSi Kitemark to BS EN3 and CE Mark (a legal requirement with the Pressure Equipment Directive - PED).

All of our fire extinguishers come with:

  • Low Price Guarantee
  • 100-Day Free Returns Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 6 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Next Day Delivery