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Final Exit Signs

Final exit signs are designed to guide visitors and occupants to the main exit of a building. This is during normal, day-to-day operation and also in an emergency. As well as being a health and safety requirement, exit signs help give a sense of reassurance to occupants who are not familiar with the building layout. They can sometimes be confused with fire exit signs. However, final exit signs are simply marked as 'exit', whereas fire exit signs are clearly labelled 'fire exit'. 

Unlike stick-on variations, our exit signs are all made from durable, easy-to-clean plastic. They are AAA photoluminescent, meaning they will glow in the dark and distinctly guide all visitors or staff to safety in any circumstance. 

We have a range of exit sign shapes and sizes to suit your needs. All orders also come with a 100-day, hassle-free returns policy for added peace of mind. Browse our full selection below. 

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