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Flammable & Gas Warning Signs

Warnings signs for flammable and gas dangers are vital in any premises where your staff or customers may be in close proximity to these substances.

Whatever your risk, we have a high quality, durable plastic yellow warning sign to suit, from explosion risks to compressed gas, oxygen to petroleum spirit. Our high visibility yellow triangles with the standard black border and clear black graphics make a strong impact wherever you fix them.

Sometimes, it's better not just to warn, but to advise your staff at the same time. Our combination warning and mandatory information signs help your staff develop good practices too, such as remembering to keep doors locked, or not to smoke. For garages, we stock your four-part petrol pump warning signs and can deliver them direct to your forecourt at no charge.

Tough, wipeable and long-lasting, our flammable and gas warning signs also carry explosive discounts of up to 49% off retail prices.

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