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Cigarette Bins

By installing cigarette bins near entrances and smoking shelters you provide workers, visitors and customers with a convenient and safe place for people to dispose of ash and cigarette ends. Helping to reduce smoking-related litter, these keep workplaces clean and tidy, as well as reducing the risk of a fire starting.

Many cigarette bins these days are designed to extinguish the cigarette when dropped inside by limiting the oxygen which would be needed for it to continue burning. Plus, some also feature an area which is safe for smokers to stub them first.

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  • Modern Cigarette Bins: Safe, Stylish, and Secure

    We feature a range of bins which are freestanding and wall mounted, meaning you can select the one which best suits your premises. There is also a choice of sizes, with smaller ones designed for smaller workplaces and larger capacity bins designed for high-traffic smoking areas, such as shopping centres and high streets.

    Most importantly we feel, our cigarette bins are stylish too. These won’t look out of place when installed