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Hydrospray Extinguishers

Adding chemical additives to the water in water fire extinguishers can improve effectiveness, while also reducing size and weight.

Water additive fire extinguishers are used for Class A fires, which means they are an ideal choice for commercial premises requiring Class A extinguishers on every floor. Residential properties looking for an extinguisher that’s easy to store will also appreciate their smaller size.

We stock water additive fire extinguishers in three and six kilogram sizes. The Hydrospray extinguishers made by Chubb Fire are some of the best known extinguishers on the market, largely because they match the 13A rating of a 9 litre ordinary water extinguisher, while being lighter and easier to use. Our additive extinguishers are made by Thomas Glover and Company, the trade side of Chubb Fire. This means the same quality, but a much lower price.

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  • What is a water additive fire extinguisher used for?

    Water additive fire extinguishers are used for Class A fires, fuelled by solid carbon based materials. They must not be used for other types of fire, especially electrical fires. Nozzles which have passed the 35kv conductivity test can be used close to electrical equipment, but not on electrical fires themselves.

  • What colour is a water additive fire extinguisher?

    Water additive extinguishers are signal red. This is the same as a normal water fire extinguisher.

  • What is the difference between a water fire extinguisher and a water additive fire extinguisher?

    The water in a water additive fire extinguisher contains chemical additives that work by removing water’s surface tension. This means the water acts in a different way when applied to an object, becoming stickier and adhering to surfaces more powerfully.

  • Why choose a water additive fire extinguisher over a water fire extinguisher?

    With the surface tension removed, water soaks into burning material more effectively. In fact this can improve the extinguisher’s fire-fighting ability by up to 300%.

    As well as this the rating of a water additive extinguisher is much higher in relation to its size. The three litre size has a rating of 13A, while only weighing 5.5kg. This means smaller and lighter extinguishers can be used, while conforming to safety legislation.

    The Hydrospray nozzle is an important feature of these extinguishers. These nozzles ensure wide and accurate delivery of extinguishing fluid, and are tested to 35KV conductivity, keeping you safe if accidentally sprayed onto live electrical equipment.

  • Water additive fire extinguisher delivery and guarantees

    All Fire Protection Online's extinguishers come with:

    • 100-Day Free Returns Guarantee
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • 6 Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • Next Day Delivery

    Water additive fire extinguishers are available in 3 or 6 litre versions and come with a wall bracket included. They come supplied fully and charged so are ready for use straight out of the box.