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Fire Extinguisher Accessories

Anti-Tamper Seal x 100
RRP: £17.33
but you save 40%
OUR PRICE: £10.43
(£12.52 inc. vat)
(22 reviews)  
CO2 Safety Swivel Horn
RRP: £17.27
but you save 69%
OUR PRICE: £5.44
(£6.53 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Anti-Tamper Seal x 500
RRP: £86.84
but you save 66%
OUR PRICE: £29.17
(£35.00 inc. vat)
(2 reviews)  
Fire Extinguisher Missing 6040
RRP: £13.42
but you save 71%
OUR PRICE: £3.95
(£4.74 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Large Fire Extinguisher Cover
RRP: £15.63
but you save 61%
OUR PRICE: £6.05
(£7.26 inc. vat)
(5 reviews)  
Hose reel cover
RRP: £46.23
but you save 40%
OUR PRICE: £27.63
(£33.16 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  
Fire Extinguisher Backboard
RRP: £20.84
but you save 54%
OUR PRICE: £9.69
(£11.63 inc. vat)
(1 reviews)  
Medium Fire Extinguisher Cover
RRP: £14.48
but you save 60%
OUR PRICE: £5.72
(£6.86 inc. vat)
(8 reviews)  
Wheeled extinguisher cover
RRP: £80.99
but you save 18%
OUR PRICE: £66.35
(£79.62 inc. vat)
(0 reviews)  

When you've invested both time and money in the best fire safety equipment for your business, it pays to go that extra mile and get the right accessories.

Protect Your Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are not only a vital part of your everyday fire fighting equipment, they also are a visible reminder to all your staff that you care about their safety. If so, what does a scruffy fire extinguisher left on the floor, to be knocked and chipped, suggest to them instead. For just a few pounds, you can protect your fire extinguishers - and show the world you are proud of them too!

Fire Extinguishers: Hang Them High!

Fire extinguishers make great door props as any office junior will tell you. Prevent your extinguishers becoming part of the furniture by hanging them from a wall on our tough fire extinguisher wall brackets. The J-bracket is suitable for all types except CO2 extinguishers, while the dedicated CO2 bracket is just the right shape for the slimmer CO2 extinguisher types. Do check your wall is suitable to take the weight of a fire extinguisher; crumbling or flaking walls, or lightweight cavity walls may not be suitable. If you have any doubts, why not consider a freestanding fire extinguisher stand, in either durable red plastic or designer-style chrome?

Fire Extinguisher Backboards: Is Something Missing?

Install a fire extinguisher backboard behind your mounting bracket and you've just installed an early warning system! If your fire extinguisher is removed from its mounting bracket, it will show. A quick visual check will immediately tell you or your responsible person that a fire extinguisher is not where it ought to be, and solve the issue before an emergency situation arises. Available in wood or red, this solution proves that sometimes, the simple ideas are the best!

Fire Bucket Brackets

Fire Protection Online also stock specialist wall brackets for fire buckets, just right for keeping these basic but effective fire fighting items off your floor or forecourt hard standing.

Fire Extinguisher Anti-Tamper Seals: Keep Prying Fingers at Bay

Quite why grown adults want to fiddle with fire extinguishers is no doubt a subject for a PhD, but some do. These sealing tags, sometimes called pull-tite seals or anti-tamper seals, fit onto the safety pin and show if anyone has operated the extinguisher without your knowledge. They also prevent accidental pin removal, and are ideal for use in public areas, from waiting rooms to schools.

Fire Extinguisher Covers: Smart, Safe and Clean

Over time, even in a safe working environment, your fire extinguishers are bound to accumulate dust, and suffer from the odd coffee spill or paint splash. Their annual maintenance inspection should include a clean, but why not keep them smart and sparkling all year round with Fire Protection Online's fire extinguisher covers? These tough red covers include a window so you can always see what type of extinguisher is inside, and have Velcro tabs at the rear to keep the cover in place when need, and for quick removal when not. They also are a great tamper-resistant barrier for the wood-be fire extinguisher fiddler!

Fire Protection Online also supply wheeled extinguisher covers and fire hose reel covers, to keep all your fire fighting equipment in excellent condition, whether placed inside or outside.

Fire Extinguisher Trolleys: Safety on the Move

Fire Protection Online offer a wide selection of fire trolleys, ideal for taking fire extinguishers to where they might be needed. Used extensively on construction sites and forecourts across the UK and beyond, our fire extinguisher trolleys are made from high quality steel for durability and strength.

Fire Extinguishers in Vehicles: Transport Brackets and Boxes

Keep your fire extinguishers safe and in one place in your truck, lorry or van with these simple to fit webbing fire extinguisher transport brackets. Or, for tougher situations, fit a hard shell fire extinguisher transport box.