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Fire Extinguisher Accessories

We carry a range of useful fire extinguisher accessories made from high-quality materials. Each is designed to help in a specific way. Our fire extinguisher covers and anti-tamper seals protect your equipment, safety swivel horns make them easier to use, and signage helps to keep people on your premises adequately informed. Having the right fire extinguishers and fire extinguisher accessories goes a long way to ensuring you are prepared for a fire emergency.

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Fire extinguisher covers

Our fire extinguisher covers for medium and large extinguishers include a clear plastic window for ease of inspection, and are durable, brightly visible, and designed to protect your equipment from the elements. They have velcro straps at the back to allow for quick removal of the fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. We also carry fire hose covers, and wheeled extinguisher covers for 50kg or 50 litre sizes. 

Fire extinguisher seals

Our anti-tamper fire extinguisher seals (or sealing tags) are available in 100 and 500 packs. They neatly fix around the safety pin of the fire extinguisher. They are made to exacting standards from quality polypropylene and will break only when the right amount of pressure is applied. They are a useful fire extinguisher accessory as they prevent people from tampering with the extinguisher, while indicating whether or not it has been used.

Other fire extinguisher accessories

As well as covers and seals we also carry a wide variety of fire extinguisher signs, along with a fire extinguisher backboard and a frost-free safety swivel horn suitable for use with our 2kg CO2 fire extinguishers. This can be easily fitted using a spanner. It’s designed to ensure you do not suffer an ice burn while using the CO2 fire extinguisher. 

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