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Fire Action Notice

At all times, your staff and visitors should be able to see your fire signs clearly and easily. Well-positioned, quality signs can save time and ultimately, help save lives.

Fire action signs give both your staff and your customers or visitors clear instructions on what to do in the event of an emergency. They are essentially a poster which uses a variety of fire signs and conventions on one convenient point of reference.

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  • Fire Information Signs: Know Your Colours

    The top of the fire information sign has the title in a blue circle, indicating that you must do whatever is indicated below. Blue signs are called mandatory signs.

    On a fire action poster or sign, the blue text is accompanied by pictures indicating actions, such as calling the Fire Brigade or exiting the premises. By law, all safety signs must include a visual, so regardless of the languages that may be spoken in your business or premises, everyone understands what is required.

    Red text and images indicate forbidden action, reinforced by having a red line diagonally across the image. These are called prohibition signs (i.e. the action is prohibited, or not allowed).

  • Fire Action Signs and the Dark

    Not all emergencies happen during the hours of daylight, and during an emergency, you may have to cut off the power supply anyway. So, some fire signs are available with a photoluminescent coating, which makes them visible and legible in low lighting conditions.