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Antifreeze Fire Extinguishers

Antifreeze fire extinguishers are foam or water fire extinguishers that contain an antifreeze additive. This means they can be used on the same class of fires as their regular counterparts, but they can be stored outside and will withstand freezing temperatures.

Antifreeze fire extinguishers are therefore ideal for outdoor locations such as camping sites, garages, or farms. They are also commonly used in buildings that are often left without heating, for example storage facilities and warehouses.

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  • What is an antifreeze fire extinguisher used for?

    Foam and water extinguishers can both have antifreeze additives in them, so that the liquid they contain is able to withstand low temperatures.

    This means that antifreeze extinguishers can be used on the same kinds of fires as their counterparts. Water extinguishers are used on Class A fires, while foam extinguishers are used on Class A and B fires.

    Antifreeze fire extinguishers are usually found in locations that are outside or subject to colder temperatures. If the liquid in a fire extinguisher were to freeze it could lead to the extinguisher becoming ineffective or permanently damaged, which is why an antifreeze additive is essential in some settings.

  • How do antifreeze fire extinguishers work?

    Antifreeze fire extinguishers work in the same water as water or foam extinguishers, removing heat and/or oxygen from the fire triangle. The only difference is that they contain an antifreeze additive, allowing them to be stored in colder environments.

  • Should I buy a foam or water extinguisher with antifreeze?

    For most places it isn’t necessary to have an antifreeze fire extinguisher. Normal water or foam extinguishers stored at room temperature should always operate as expected.

    However, there are locations where indoor areas can get very cold, for example warehouses or storage facilities without central heating. Education institutions also require antifreeze extinguishers for outside halls and corridors. Then there are outdoor locations, for example farms or camping sites, where antifreeze extinguishers are essential.

  • How to use an antifreeze fire extinguisher

    Antifreeze fire extinguishers work in the same way as their regular counterparts. Please ensure that you and any other staff members have received proper training in fire safety and how to safely operate your chosen type and model of extinguisher. This kind of training is necessary to meet health and safety regulations for most commercial premises.

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