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Car Fire Extinguishers

We’re often asked, what do you use on a car fire? The answer is a reliable car fire extinguisher, one which is suitable for class A, class B and class C fires. According to the RAC (Royal Automobile Club), the best car fire extinguisher uses dry powder to put out flammable liquid, like diesel or petrol, and has a rating of BC or ABC. 

That being said, foam extinguishers are commonly used in motor sport and are also suitable for car and van fires, though they must not be used near live electrical equipment. 

Unlike regular extinguishers, car fire extinguishers are more compact. We stock a wide range of sizes, from our space-saving 600g cylinders to our larger 2.0 kg cylinders. We also stock car fire safety equipment like emergency hammers and first-aid kits.

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