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Mandatory Safety Signs

Blue mandatory 'Must Do' signs remind your staff and visitors of important actions to ensure their own - and others - safety.

One of the simplest 'Must Do' sign is the 'All visitors please report to...' sign, so you can be aware of all visitors to your premises at all times. In these security-conscious times, it is also as well to remind them, with a blue sign, that 'Baggage and personal searches may be conducted'.

Blue signs aim to have a positive effect, such as 'Remember! Close all doors'. Since people focus on the main aspect of the message - Remember - this sign is much more effective that the more traditional 'Don't forget', which focuses on forgetting!

Blue 'Must Do' signs also help you and your staff help the environment too, reminding them to switch off lights and wash their hands, for a more healthy working environment.

Our UK-manufactured blue Must Do signs have a lower carbon footprint than imported foreign signs, and are still up to 56% cheaper than the normal retail price, so you can save money and the planet in one purchase.

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