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Spill Kits

Spill kits are an essential safety item for any workplace or building. Designed to prevent contamination, leaks and damage, spill kits contain equipment for effective and quick clean-up of liquids and hazardous substances.

We supply a range of sizes and accessories to suit your premises, including oil and chemical spill kits. Our basic 20-litre kits are compact and ideal for smaller spaces, such as vehicles or buildings with limited storage. Whilst our 240-litre wheeled spill kit is large enough to absorb large volumes of liquid whilst still being portable. You can also find wet floor signs, safety posters, anti-tamper seals and much more. 

Our environmentally friendly spill kits are made from sustainable, recycled fibres with the lowest carbon footprint in Europe. They are also 25% more absorbent than standard pads, and compliant with British Safety Standards and EU regulations. 

Browse our full range of spill kits and accessories today and enjoy free next-day delivery on orders over £60. 

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