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Flammable Liquid Storage

Having the right flammable liquid storage is essential when working with hazardous substances. From laboratories to industrial workplaces, we supply both COSHH storage cabinets and flammable liquid cans to best suit your needs. 

Flammable liquid cans are used for safely handling dangerous substances. Whilst storage cabinets house the flammable liquids in a fire-resistant, steel unit. All our flammable liquid storage options have been extensively tested and meet DSEAR regulations as well as Control of Substances Hazardous to Health guidelines. Their durable construction helps to keep employees safe and your premises protected from hazards, injury and corrosion. 

Browse our full range of storage options below at the lowest prices on the market. You can even take advantage of free next delivery on orders over £60. 

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  • What is a flammable liquid can?

    Flammable liquid cans are made from galvanised steel with a powder coating that makes storing chemicals and liquids more safe. Their robust construction makes them resistant to corrosion and able to withstand even the toughest of environments. Our range also has an intelligent venting system, making explosions and ruptures far less likely. Cans are an ideal way for handlers to safely transfer, store and use flammable liquids without worrying about fire or contamination risks.

  • What is a COSHH storage cabinet?

    COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) storage cabinets meet guidelines for safely storing flammable liquids and chemicals. Their double-wall steel design and self-latching doors protect the contents from fire hazards and tampering. When doubled up with flammable liquid cans, you can take all the steps to keep building occupants, handlers and the workplace protected.

    Any business which is storing or handling chemicals should adhere to the COSHH guidelines to ensure they are maintaining a safe environment. It is a legal requirement and could, therefore, failure to comply could incur a large fine along with a risk to life.

  • Where is the best location for flammable liquid storage?

    According to the Health and Safety Executive, "containers of flammable liquids needed for current work activities should be kept closed and stored in suitable cabinets or bins of fire-resisting construction and which are designed to retain spills". It also states that cabinets should be located in a designated area, away from escape routes and the immediate processing area where the chemical is used. 

    Extremely flammable substances should not exceed 50 litres, and other flammable liquids should not exceed 250 litres. These are quantities are recommendations, with the main focus being on a clear and quick escape route for occupants in the event of a fire or emergency.

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