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Flammable Liquid Storage

When you’re working with hazardous materials you need to make their use and storage is as safe as practically possible, and by having Flammable Liquid Storage options, you can achieve this. These products are specifically engineered to promote workplace safety and efficiency to make your job easier and less dangerous.

Because of the items these safety products will be used with, they have been extensively tested to high standards for quality, reliability, and durability. That way, you know they can survive even the harshest of working environments.

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Flammable Liquid Cans

In laboratories and industrial workplaces, volatile liquids are often used. Not only do they present a fire hazard, but may also be highly corrosive. So when you’re handling these types of liquids, you need to know you’re safe.

There is a wide range of safety can options available, so you should have no problem finding one to suit your purpose and have lots of different clever features. With sealed lids which can shut by themselves, leaks are less likely.

Hoses and faucets make it possible to transfer liquids without the potential for any spills, and comfortable handles make transporting them easier.

Their strong construction makes them highly durable. Plus many also feature flame arresters, current-carrying carbon inserts and self-venting lids. These mean the contents is stored in safe conditions to reduce the risks associated with such liquids.

Flammable Storage Cabinets

It’s important your safety cabinets are suitable for the chemicals you store, and large enough to keep them all in. So with a range of different shapes, sizes and designs, there won’t be a problem finding one fit for purpose.

Every part of their construction is with safety in mind, such as the ability to secure the contents using a padlock. Plus their welded construction ensures they’re strong, sturdy and durable, as well as offering greater fire protection and chemical resistance.

With a system in place to handle leaks safely, some also benefit from self-closing mechanisms, which means the doors shut themselves in the event of a fire. Welded self-hangers also interlock with the shelf in order to offer more stability as well as flexible usage.