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Fire Extinguisher Trolleys

Fire extinguisher trolleys are wheeled units which allow you to transport one, two or three fire extinguishers simultaneously. These trolleys are designed to make the transportation of heavy fire extinguishers easier and more comfortable, ensuring that extinguishers are correctly stored while being moved around your premises.

For environments like forecourts and construction sites, it isn’t always possible or practical to have fire extinguishers fixed to walls or limited to dedicated areas. This is where fire extinguisher trolleys and mobile fire points can help. Simply tilt your trolley back and let the wheels take the weight of your extinguisher or extinguishers the next time you need to relocate fire safety equipment.

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Where is the best place to keep a fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers should be kept in areas that are accessible within seconds in the event of a fire, and that are clearly visible. They should also be kept in a fixed position – whether that’s mounted on a portable fire extinguisher trolley, attached to a wall using specialist fixings, or mounted on a special plinth or stand.

We offer fire extinguisher trolleys fitting one, two or three extinguishers, with the option to choose trolleys that feature additional space for fire buckets and/or attached rotary fire bells.

How do you transport fire extinguishers?

While individual fire extinguishers can be carried by hand over short distances without much trouble, heavyweight options and sets of extinguishers will likely be easiest to transport from one part of your site to another via a wheeled unit or specialist fire extinguisher trolley. This can also reduce the risk of a fire extinguisher being dropped while being moved.

If relocating fire extinguishers from one venue to another by vehicle, perhaps because your premises has relocated, pack around the extinguisher head and handles with shredded cardboard to protect against knocks in transit that could accidentally activate the trigger mechanism. It’s also advisable to protect the extinguisher in its entirety by either packing into a suitable box, or wrapping with a blanket or other cushioning material.

How do you use a fire extinguisher trolley?

Using a fire extinguisher trolley is simple: just attach your extinguishers using the epoxy-coated steel brackets, and to relocate, tip the trolley back so that the weight of the extinguishers is against the frame before slowly pushing the trolley forward, using the durable wheels at the base to get you from A to B.

Please note that all fire trolleys are supplied without fire extinguishers, so simply choose your trolley and then select from our wide range of quality fire extinguishers suitable for your needs. We stock a broad range of professional fire extinguishers, including CO2 extinguishers, powder extinguishers, water additive extinguishers and many more.

In addition to fire extinguisher trolleys, we also stock fire point trolleys, first aid trolleys and spill kit trolleys.

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