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Wildfire Equipment

Fire and Rescue Services in the UK use wildfire equipment to deal with roughly 70,000 grassland fires a year. In 2018 alone, wildfires cost UK farms approximately £32 million. It therefore makes sense for those at risk from wildfire damage – including farmlands, holiday parks, and transport and energy distribution sectors – to be adequately prepared. Our wildfire equipment is made from high-quality materials and is specially designed to minimise the risk or severity of wildfires.

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  • Wildfire Firebeater
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  • Wildfire Beater Kit
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  • Wildfire Rakehoe
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  • Metal Fire Bucket
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  • Short Firefighter Axe
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  • Fire Sand 12.5kg Bag
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  • Wildfire Rake
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What tools do firefighters use to put out wildfires?

Wildfire suppression depends on a number of factors including technologies available at hand. However, the most common tools used to suppress wildfires – in particular by trying to contain the wildfire and preventing it from spreading – include fire sand, beaters, axes, rakes, rakehoes and fire retardants

The rakehoe (AKA McLeod tool) allows you to create fire lines, cut small branches and turf, and move debris from the fire path to prevent its spread. Partnering this with a fire rake means burning grass, leaves, soil and other debris can be moved to an already-burnt area to help contain the flames. Some fire and rescue services rely on helicopters or planes to drop extinguishants to help suppress the wildfire. 

Wildfire Kit

Designed by us, our wildfire beater kit contains all the equipment you need to tackle a wildfire. And it’s available at an affordable price. It contains a fire beater, rakehoe, rake and long firefighter axe. (Find out if you need a wildfire beater.) And because wildfire equipment is likely to be kept outside and exposed to the elements, these tools have been made from the best materials to ensure they won’t corrode or rot.

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