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Fire Buckets

We have plenty of metal and plastic fire buckets for sale. Bright red and sturdy, fire buckets are easy to use and ideal for garage forecourts and areas where is a risk of flammable liquid spillages. On this page you will also find essential accessories for your fire bucket, including lids, brackets, fire sand and Flamezorb. Make sure you have everything you need so that you are adequately prepared in the event of a fire.

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  • What are fire buckets used for?

    Fire buckets are an effective way to extinguish small, contained fires and contain spills of flammable liquids in the UK. They are typically filled with sand or water and are easy to use. They are a valuable tool for fire safety due to their simplicity (easy to refill), effectiveness, and affordability. We offer:

  • Metal fire buckets

    Our metal fire buckets are extremely durable and capable of carrying 10 litres of flame-smothering material. They come with a metal handle. Pair them with a metal fire bucket lid if you wish to keep their contents covered. We recommend filling them with Flamezorb, which is a non-toxic compound that smothers fire and is highly absorbent. It also happens to be easy to clean.

  • Plastic fire buckets

    Imprinted with ‘Fire’, our popular plastic fire buckets are D-shaped to stand against walls, and come with a convenient handle which allows you to easily lift and throw their contents. Pair them with a plastic fire bucket lid, which securely snaps on to protect the sand or Flamezorb.

  • Fire bucket brackets

    Store your fire buckets in a convenient location with our fire bucket brackets. Just like fire extinguisher brackets, these are sturdy, made from metal, and easy to install. They protrude far enough from the wall to allow the fire bucket to hang without damaging the wall.

  • Where do you keep fire buckets?

    Fire buckets in the UK should be stored in easily accessible, visible locations that are near areas with potential fire risks. Ensure fire buckets are clearly labelled with the word "FIRE" or a fire symbol to make them easily identifiable in an emergency.

  • What size fire bucket do I need?

    There is generally only one size of fire bucket. These have a capacity of 10 litres which will hold an average bag of sand - including our bags of fire sand - and would be enough to suppress a small fire or cover a fuel/oil leak. For large fire risks or large premises, you'll likely require multiple fire buckets. For example, petrol stations will usually have a bucket at every bay of 4 pumps.

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