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Window and Door Safety

There are many different safety products available for your doors and windows. Some will make them safer and easier to use, while others will protect you in the event of a fire. And when we use door and windows countless times, every single day, it’s vital that we do everything possible to keep us protected.

For a fire door or window to work, it will only be effective if it can be made completely airtight. Even the slightest of gaps will compromise everything.

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There are more features to a fire door than what meets the eye, and every element works together to ensure complete protection.

Intumescent door seals go around the door and will form an airtight seal between it and the frame in the event of a fire. That means that neither smoke nor flames can get through it. As a result, the spread of a fire is reduced and that anyone on the other side of the door is kept safe until help is available.

Likewise, intumescent letter boxes will plug the gap if a fire were to ever occur. And an anti-arson letterbox also protects against anyone trying to start a fire by posting things through your letter box.

The hinges on your door need to also be up to the job of handling a fire. In fact, you can even get door viewers which are fire rated, meaning you can see who, or what, is on the other side without compromise.

A fire door should also not be left open, which is why that are also fitted with closures. That means that the door will close tight behind you, even when people forget to close them.

You also need doors to be as easy to open as possible. On a normal fire door, you simply need a handle which looks good and does the job. On fire exit doors, they need to be able to open as quickly as possible. Push bars and handles are ideal because the door will open quickly as people make their exit in a hurry.

But to prevent the misuse of such doors, you can also place alarms on them to let you know when they’ve been opened. That way, you can ensure the building is always secure and it’ll stop people trying to sneak out for a cheeky cigarette.


You can also get alarms which will warn you when a window is opened. These too need to stay shut as in a fire, an open window provides a constant source of oxygen to enable the fire to continue to grow and spread.

On a window, the weak point is the joint between the window and the fire resistant glass. To plug this gap in a fire, you can install intumescent glazing tape and channels around the edge of the glass.

And when you need to make an exit, and the window is the only option, a fire ladder is the safest way down to safety. Some are long enough to reach the third floor of buildings, and others are even suitable for use out of a loft window.

Of course, there are many, many products available. By the time you’ve finished with your doors and windows, you’ll have done everything practically possible to ready yourself against the threats a fire can bring.