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Fireman and Riser Signs

If you do need to call the emergency services out to a fire at your premises, the first thing a fireman will look for are the fireman signs. These bright red signs inform firefighters of the locations of the important features of your building they will need, from dry riser inlets to fire control panels and the all-important fire-fighter's switch.

Chances are, the quicker a firefighter can locate these fireman signs, the quicker your fire can be put out! So, don't skimp on the signs, and buy the clearest, most durable available.

Unlike cheap fireman signs made from stick-on vinyl, our ultra-tough Jalite AAA rigid plastic signs will not peel, crack or fade. Unlike cheap PVC board signs, these UK-made signs are also photoluminescent, glowing in the dark to guide firefighters to their destination more quickly.

With up to 55% off retail prices, your ideal firemen signs available are now affordable too.

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