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Helideck Safety Signs

If your business or premises have a helideck, whether it be an oil platform, roof or heliport, these helideck safety signs are an absolute must-have.

Helidecks pose a mixture of risks, and our range of helideck safety signs address the majority. Users should be warned of the dangers from tail rotors, whilst emergency services will look for a red crash equipment sign in the event of an emergency.

Our helideck safety sign gives precise instructions on safety in or around the area, especially useful for new executives or visitors who may not be familiar with helicopter flying procedures.

Our helideck safety signs are made in AAA rigid photoluminescent PVC, giving you years of trouble-free signage both inside and outside. Unlike vinyl stick-on signs, these tough, durable UK-made signs will not peel, bubble or crack, and can be wiped clean.

Unlike the price of aviation fuel (sorry to remind you!), our helideck safety sign prices are low, low, low, with up to 57% of recommended prices for these high quality signs.
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