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Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seals

Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seals: Automatic Protection That Buys You Time

Fire doors are highly effective in retaining fire for a period of time, but their weak point is their fit to the door. Fire will travel through any gap to the air beyond, so it is important that fire doors have an effective seal at all times.

Our range of intumescent door strips fit into a channel on the fire door or the frame (or surface mount), and when exposed to heat, expand to seal the door frame with a flame-tight seal for up to 60 minutes. That gives you (and the fire fighters) up to an hour of flame-free escape time, invaluable extra time for any premises.

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Intumescent Fire Door Seals: know the difference

Intumescent door seals react to heat in the event of a fire, to seal the door, but without any extra features to reduce smoke, etc.

Fire and smoke seals keeps a smoke-free environment, thanks to the nylon pile that stops smoke from entering the door frame gap before the intumescent seal forms. Another common name is cold smoke seals.

Fire, smoke and draft seals offer the highest levels of protection possible, with a single or double rubber blade in place of the nylon. This give a better 'everyday' seal and these fire and smoke seals give that reassuring, air-tight 'whoosh' sound as you exit a fire door on a day to day basis!

Hygienic seals, also called quad seals, can be wiped clean and also provide an acoustic barrier to prevent sound travelling from room to room, ideal for hospitals, residential care and kitchens.

All Fire Protection Online door seals are fully tested to British Standards and have LANTAC Building Control and NHBC approval.