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Intumescent Fire and Smoke Seals

Fire doors are highly effective in retaining fire for a period of time, but their weak point is their fit to the door frame. Fire will seep through any gap and spread into the air beyond, so it’s important that fire doors have an effective seal at all times.

Our range of intumescent fire and smoke seals are designed to fit into a channel on the fire door or the frame (or surface mount), and when exposed to heat, expand to seal the door frame with a flame-tight seal for up to 60 minutes. We also stock fire-rated sealants and foams for other settings, and a range of other fire rated door and wall accessories.

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  • What are fire and smoke seals?

    A fire and smoke seal is a specially designed strip which goes around a door or door frame to prevent fire and smoke from passing through the gaps.

    Fire seals specifically prevent fire making contact with the air beyond the door and spreading. Smoke seals prevent toxic smoke fumes passing through to areas of a building where there is not a fire.

  • What is the difference between smoke seals and intumescent strips?

    There are some distinct differences between smoke seals and intumescent strips. Smoke seals are specifically designed to block smoke and do not provide protection against fires.

    An intumescent fire seal, on the other hand, is designed to expand when exposed to the extreme heat of a fire, meaning it seals off the gaps in and around the area it covers (usually the door frame)

  • Are smoke seals required on fire doors?

    Yes, under the British Standard 476 fire safety standards, doors required to be fire safe should also be S-type (smoke sealed).

  • How do you fit fire and smoke seals?

    For your fire or smoke seal to work as it should, it needs to be fitted correctly. Follow these simple steps to fit your fire and smoke seals to door frames correctly:

    1. Clean the door frame with a damp cloth
    2. Measure the length of the frame where the seal needs to be fitted
    3. Remove the adhesive backing on the seal
    4. Mount the strip on the side of the door and apply pressure to stick it in place
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