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Dry Riser Equipment

Dry risers are a series of connected pipes and valves within a building that provide a fire brigade with a reliable source of water. They do not contain water (hence the name) but allow for water to be rapidly pumped through their system, and are typically used in buildings over 18 metres above ground level or in low-level buildings which extend a great distance from the entrance. 

We carry all the key elements of a dry riser system including:

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Dry riser valves and accessories

Our breeching valves (2-way for 4" rising mains, or 4-way for 6" mains) are made to the highest standards, conforming to British Standards 5041-1. By using specialised metals such as spheroidal graphite iron, gunmetal and copper alloy, each part functions perfectly when you need it most. Our dry riser landing gate valves are tough, durable and corrosion resistant, and precision made for a water-tight seal when shut off. We also stock low-pressure globe pattern landing valves for special systems, and high-pressure regulating valves for hydrants.

Air-pressure release valves are an essential part of an effective dry riser system, and our automatic valves ensure that air escapes when required, and only when required. They are constructed with a rubber ball system and will provide years of trouble-free operation. And our drain valves will help your dry riser system drain water after use.

We also carry rubber washers, hand wheels for landing valves, and plenty of other dry riser accessories to replace lost or worn items quickly and easily.

Dry riser safety signs

Clearly mark your dry riser cabinets and system components with dry riser signs, which can be fixed with sticky pads, double-sided tape or 'no-nails' style adhesive. If there’s a fire on your premises, the first thing a firefighter will look out for will be these signs. 

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