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Fire Extinguishers

Advances in technology ensure that the fire extinguisher has improved significantly over the last decade.

More effective extinguishants have been developed to deal with a wide variety of fire scenarios and that means there is now a much wider range of different fire extinguishers available from us here at Fire Protection Online.

Since October 2006, it has been a legal requirement for the owner/manager of virtually every kind of premise to ensure the safety of visitors by supplying and maintaining the right type of fire extinguishers.

Fires are classified depending on the fuel keeping them burning. Here is our guide to the different kinds of fires that occur and our recommendations for which fire extinguishers should be used to tackle them:

Class A fires (wood, paper, material, cloth, etc)

Recommended extinguishers include:

  • Water extinguishers (all red)
  • Water additive (all red) - the additive and spray nozzle makes these more effective than plain water and enables them to be much smaller and lighter. Chubb Fire's own label version is called the Hydrospray
  • Foam extinguishers or AFFF foam spray as they are also known (red with cream area above label) - as with water additive, the spray nozzle and foam makes this more effective than plain water but has other fire fighting capabilities, too
  • Powder extinguishers (red with blue area above label) - pound for pound, the most effective by size but large versions are more suited for outdoor or high fire-risk use due to the mess of the powder and breathing considerations

Class B fires (flammable liquids such as petrol, spirits and diesel)

Recommended extinguishers include:

  • AFFF foam
  • ABC powder
  • CO2 fire extinguishers or carbon dioxide (red with black area above label)
  • Monnex powder (red with blue area above label)

Class C fires (flammable gas)

Recommended model:

  • Powder extinguisher - but only when gas supply can be turned off otherwise you leave the potential for an explosion of the escaping gas.

Class D fires (flammable metals such as magnesium, aluminium swarf, etc)

Recommended extinguishants include:

  • M28 powder
  • L2 powder
  • Other specialised powders such as Purple K

Class F fires (deep fat cooking oil)

Recommended model:

  • Wet chemical (red with yellow area above label) ONLY and no other as fat fires are extremely dangerous

Fires involving electrical equipment (the UK has no 'class E')

Recommended extinguishants include:

  • CO2 (carbon dioxide)
  • FE36 gas - available in automatic only in the UK
  • ABC powder
  • Monnex powder

Homeowners should also take special care when buying fire extinguishers to pick a type that is able to deal with most fires likely to start around the home.

In addition to the extinguishers mentioned above, you can also select from our stocks of:

  • that have the same approvals and guarantees but are great value for money
  • Large wheeled extinguishers that offer mega-protection for high fire-risk situations
  • Car extinguishers to provide protection on the move
  • Automatic fire extinguishers that can put out fires before you even know there is a fire

Please note - Special attention should be paid to ensure that all versions are ALWAYS properly fixed to the wall or mounted on special fire extinguisher stands. They should never be used as door stops.

Monthly checks should be carried out to make sure they are being stored appropriately and these inspections need to be recorded in a Fire Log Book. An annual maintenance service (or more if necessary) to BS 5306 part 3 should also be performed by a BAFE-approved technician.

All Fire Protection Online's extinguishers have been manufactured by Thomas Glover and Company (part of UTC, along with Chubb Fire and Kidde) to the highest quality possible and have genuine full BAFE (British Approvals for Fire Equipment) certification, BSi Kitemark to BS EN3 and CE Mark (a legal requirement with the Pressure Equipment Directive - PED).

Do not hesitate to get in touch with BAFE and BSi to check these approvals, as many cheap foreign imports claim to have them yet have no way of proving their credentials if questioned. There's no margin for error when lives are potentially at stake.

As well as having all the relevant legal certificates, you are protected by several guarantees:

  • Low Price Guarantee
  • 60-Day Free Returns Guarantee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Next Day Delivery

Over 50,000 satisfied customers - including high-profile companies such as Google, Buckingham Palace and other Royal Palaces, the BBC, Jaguar, Top Gear, most UK Fire Brigades, most UK Councils, the Scottish and Welsh Governments, the Police, McLaren Racing, Williams F1, ASDA, Sainsbury's - have used Fire Protection Online and we sell more fire extinguishers online than anyone else.

Check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and about us pages if you require any further information about the low, low prices and service in general we offer. Better still, see Trustpilot's independently gathered feedback from our customers

Fire extinguishers can save lives in the workplace or at home - so get protected without delay.