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Fire-Rated Loft Ladders

For safe access into a loft storage area, a fixed loft ladder is essential. Our range of loft ladders and hatches are ideal for home as well as storage areas in factories and offices, but only include those which are fire rated to resist fire for up to 30 minutes in order to prevent the spread through your property. In fact, they’re also insulated to reduce heat loss and have a seal which prevents draughts.

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When you select a loft ladder and hatch, ours have a compact design which require no additional head or storage space in the loft, making them ideal where space is limited. You can even choose between a traditional wooden loft ladder, or the technologically advanced electric loft ladder with a concertina action which completely opens just by pressing a button on a remote.

Where you have a loft ladder already installed and simply need to update your loft hatch then, of course, you’re able to buy a fire rated loft hatch to fit your existing configuration.