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Warning Signs

Warning signs are triangular-shaped and yellow. They are also known as caution or danger signs and are used to warn people of potential dangers as well as to convey information on how to deal with these dangers. As per UK regulations, you are required to use warning safety signs in your workplace wherever there is a significant health and safety risk (for example, to warn of a slippery surface or a high voltage zone).

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  • Why are warning signs important?

    Primarily, warning signs are important as they warn people (staff and visitors) of potential dangers on the premises and convey important information on what to do in case of an emergency. As per UK Health and Safety Regulations, they are mandatory in workplaces where their use will help minimise the risk of these dangers.

  • What are the types of warning signs?

    Because there are so many types of warning signs, we’ve organised them by category so you can quickly and easily find what you need. Our safety warning signs are made from quality materials, meet all UK and UN regulations, and are available at guaranteed low prices. We carry five types of warning signs:

    1. Workplace and Construction: these warn people of dangers in the workplace (such as a hot water warning for taps) or at construction sites (such as falling objects, no entry unauthorised personnel).
    2. Mechanical: these warning safety signs are ideal for alerting people to the dangers of machinery (such as exhaust fumes), and can be used in a wide range of premises.
    3. Chemical: these are ideal for any location which stores or manufactures chemicals, and can alert people to asbestos, corrosive substances, and other hazardous substances.
    4. Laboratory: designed for commercial and research laboratories, these warning safety signs alert people to laboratory-specific risks such as a radiation-controlled area.
    5. Hazchem: Vital to chemical storage or road haulage businesses, these danger safety signs provide all the important information needed in the event of a Hazchem emergency.
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