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Fire Blankets

Fire blankets are sheets of fire-retardant material that offer a quick, easy and effective way to tackle small fires that can occur in many workplaces and homes. Along with fire extinguishers, fire blankets should be considered an essential part of your fire safety kit – whether you’re shopping for your own home, a property you let, or for industrial and commercial premises. Failure to keep a fire blanket handy could mean that you are placing yourself and other people at risk.

Here at Fire Protection Online, we pride ourselves on stocking a range of high-quality fire blankets in different sizes, which have all passed stringent safety checks.

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  • What is a fire blanket used for?

    To put it simply, a fire blanket is used to smother and extinguish small fires. By covering a small fire with your fire blanket, you can stop oxygen from feeding the fire – fires need heat, fuel and oxygen in order to burn and grow. Cutting off the oxygen supply with a fire blanket can be an easy way to stop a small fire from spreading.

  • When should you not use a fire blanket?

    Do not use a fire blanket to try to extinguish a fire that is larger than the size of the blanket you have. If the blanket won’t fully cover the fire, it won’t successfully extinguish it. For fires which are larger than the approximate size of your fire blanket, use a suitable fire extinguisher such as a water, CO2, foam or powder extinguisher depending on the type of fire.

    Fire blankets are typically used in food preparation areas and are most suitable for cooking fat and oil fires (class F), flammable liquids fires (class B) and fire fuelled by solid materials such as plastic, wood, paper, textiles and furniture (class A). For electrical fires and combustible metal fires (class D) do not use a fire blanket: instead, use a CO2 or dry powder extinguisher respectively.

  • Does a fire blanket really work?

    Provided you follow the guidance above and only use fire blankets on class A, B and F fires that they can completely cover, fire blankets are a h