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Boat Fire Extinguishers

If you’re a boat owner, you must consider which type of boat fire extinguisher to install. You’ll need a boat automatic fire extinguisher or marine extinguisher for optimum safety. 

Fires can start on boats or ships for several reasons, including cooking, electrical and engine fires. They can also spread exceptionally quickly. That’s why it’s essential to have Marine Equipment Directive (MED) approved fire safety equipment to protect the boat and passengers. We supply foam, water, CO2 and powder boat extinguishers to suit every type of fire.

Our range of boat fire extinguishers bears the ‘Ships Wheel’ logo to certify they have passed extensive testing. With the BSI Kitemark, CE Mark, and 6-year warranty, our marine fire extinguishers meet the recommendations of the Royal Yachting Association and the British Waterways Joint Boat Safety Scheme

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It can seem surprising that boat fires are so common, given they are surrounded by water. However, the Home Office reports that in the last 20 years, 30 boat owners have died from boat-related fires. 

Boat fires can spread and become serious quickly. Regulations vary depending on the size of the boat or ship and the type of activity on-board. Owners must keep up-to-date with current regulations, ensure all the relevant fire safety precautions are in place and be familiar with how to use the extinguishers on board.

  • What is the best fire extinguisher for a boat?

    As with all fires, the type of extinguisher needed will depend on what has caused (fueled) the fire. For example, a Class C fire (electrical components or energised equipment) would require a powder extinguisher. The number of extinguishers needed will depend on the size of your boat and the different hazards on board. Check out our simple guide on how to choose the right fire extinguisher for more information on the various types.

    For boats, automatic extinguishers are recommended. They monitor the temperature and do not require human intervention – an ideal solution for engine compartments where you may not be on-hand to reach the fire quickly. Find out more about automatic boat fire extinguishers here.

  • How often should I inspect my boat fire extinguisher?

    It’s essential to regularly maintain your marine fire extinguisher to ensure it’s still in good condition and fit for use.

    As with all fire extinguishers, you should check for any signs of damage, leaks or pressure loss every month – at the very least. Annual service by a qualified fire extinguisher engineer should also take place.

  • Where should fire extinguishers be stored on a boat?

    Boat fire extinguishers should be easily accessible in the event of an emergency. They should be located in the most hazardous areas of the boat – such as the engine and galley- and the exits. We have many fire extinguisher cabinets and wall brackets to keep them securely in place.

    All crew and passengers should also be aware of the extinguisher’s location.

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