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Hi-Vis Workwear

Designed to keep the wearer safe in any environment whilst carrying out almost any task, high visibility workwear will ensure you remain visible. There is a wide selection available so you can select workwear which is suitable for a dark and wet winter’s morning, as well as for a bright and hot summer’s afternoon.

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  • Why Do You Need Hi-Vis?

    In the workplace, being struck by a vehicle is the second most common cause of death. This shows how vital hi-vis garments are, and why you should ensure you wear them if given as they allow the wearer to stand out against the ambient background.

    Generally, these are day-glo or a fluorescent yellow, with a reflective material which means that you’ll even be seen in poor lighting conditions with headlights, a torch, or general lighting.

    For those behind the wheel of a vehicle, it means you can be seen from a distance to give them plenty of time to react accordingly and safely.

    Ultimately, high visibility clothing will protect you in the day, at night, and in adverse weather conditions. Clothing which incorporates this must comply with EN471:2003/EN20471:2013, and then correctly worn and maintained.

    These come in two different classes:

    Class 1 is the lowest where enhanced visibility is an advantage, but for minimal risk, and for off-road purposes. For example, these are likely to be all that is required when needing to simply stand out from a crowd at an event.

    Class 2 gives intermediate protection levels, and Class 3 gives the highest level of protection.

    These are far more suitable and are required where hazards are likely to exist, such as when on construction sites, the railways, and the highways.

    High visibility workwear is available in standard vests to stormproof jackets, so should have no issue finding something suitable for all of your possible working environments.

    Additionally, reflective trousers are available to provide protection and are ideal for those who may be carrying objects which would otherwise block the hi-vis strips on their clothing.

  • Other Workwear Considerations

    Whether it is incorporated into hi-vis clothing or just general workwear for when you’re on site, there are other standards to watch out for.

    Clothing which meets EN 343 gives protection against rain, giving waterproofness and breathability in three classes of effectiveness, while EN342 protects against the cold in temperatures less than 5°C.

    The clothing you do choose must also be suitable for the wearer, whether that’s you or an employee, as well as for the work they’re likely to carry out whilst wearing it.

    It needs to be comfortable and fit the wearer properly without restricting their movement. For those who work in warehouse environments, loose-fitting clothing is likely to get snagged on machinery.

    While those working outside in the summer months are not going to want a thick coat. But if the work requires people to wear additional personal protective equipment, such as boots, gloves, or masks, then they should not interfere with each other to have a detrimental effect.

    Please Note: Due to manufacturer's updates, changes in standards and availability, products may vary from the images shown.