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Safe Refuge Disability Signs

Safe refuge disability signs allow you to demarcate safe areas for wheelchair users within your building.

A designated safe area offers your disabled and less mobile personnel refuge from both fire and smoke. Your fire evacuation plan must therefore include provision for the safe evacuation of any disabled persons from this safe refuge point.

Once your disabled staff or visitors are at the safe area, signs can point them towards the disability assistance call point, or a disability assistance telephone. A safe area instruction safety sign can then inform them what to do next. Remember, all signs for the disabled must be placed at appropriate heights for the users.

All Fire Protection Online safe refuge signs are UK and EU compliant, and manufactured here in the UK. These durable, wipe clean, rigid PVC safe refuge signs are also photoluminescent, for maximum visibility in the dark.

Our special prices, up to 57% off retail costs, ensure you can give your hard-earned cash a safe refuge too.

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