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Fire Alarm Systems

We stock a wide range of commercial-grade fire alarm systems, including panels, detectors, batteries and fittings. Get everything you need to create a safe and reliable fire alarm system here, from heat detectors and call points to bells, sounders and beacons.

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  • What is a fire alarm system?

    A fire alarm system is what warns people when smoke, fire, heat - or another fire-related emergency - is detected. Fire alarm systems are either automatically activated by smoke detectors and heat detectors, or with manual activation.

    We stock conventional fire alarm systems and offer fire alarm system kits as well as individual components such as manual call points, sounders and beacons, power supply units and fittings.

  • What are the four main types of fire alarm system?

    There are three main types of detector used by fire alarm systems, which are

    1. Photoelectric
    2. Ionisation
    3. Heat

    You can also get fire alarm systems which use a combination of both ionisation and photoelectric detectors, which are sometimes referenced as a fourth type of system.

    The difference between the three different types is the way in which they detect the fire, whether that’s seeing the smoke, causing a chemical reaction, or reaching a certain temperature.

  • Which fire alarm system is best?

    The fire alarm system that is best for you will depend on numerous factors, including the nature of the area and the risks associated with it. To ensure you get the best fire alarm system for your needs, we recommend that you get a professional fire risk assessment - the assessor will be able to advise on the most appropriate system for your premises.

  • What does BS 5839 cover?

    BS 5839 is a British Standard that provides recommendations for:

    • The different types of fire detection and alarm systems available
    • The design of fire detection and alarm systems
    • The installation of fire detection and alarm systems
    • The commissioning of fire detection and alarm systems
    • The maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems
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