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Intumescent Fire Grilles

Fire grilles look just like ordinary ventilation grilles, but can stop air from flowing into a fire by self-sealing as the temperature rises. Every intumescent grille contains a moisture-resistant intumescent core held in a galvanised steel frame for security and long-lasting use. These grilles also have a 6mm vermin proof mesh fitted to both faces, so unwelcome visitors can't get in!

Our fire-resisting grilles can be easily fitted in solid timber fire doors & solid block walls, and come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can also combine our straight-sided grilles in a variety of ways to cover larger apertures, by fixing grilles in a space with steel straps. Properly fixed, our grilles can provide up to 60 minutes of fire protection.

If air transfer is required but fire protection is not, our range of air transfer plates do the job nicely, made from 20swg mild steel and available in a range of shapes and sizes.

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  • How To Install Your Intumescent Fire Grilles

    • The Grille is tested with the Steel Face Plate (included) on either side of the door.
    • Suitable for fitting up to 1,000mm (1m) from floor level. The top of the grille should not be higher than 1000mm from the floor.
    • For blockwork installation, blockwork should be a minimum of 75mm thick and with a suitable lintel above the grille so that the grille is non-load bearing.
    • Door work installation should be a minimum of 44mm thick.
    • The doorset must have been shown capable, by test or assessment, of accepting an aperture of the dimensions required without detriment to its fire resistance performance. When determining acceptable aperture cut out dimensions, it is permissible to utilise aperture dimensions approved for glazed vision panels that have not been used.