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Fire Extinguisher Wall Brackets

We carry a range of sturdy, reliable fire extinguisher wall brackets so you can store your extinguishers in convenient, strategic locations to help swiftly tackle a fire. They are suitable for residential or commercial premises and can carry a weight of up to 5kg, while our transport brackets can be used for vehicles of all kinds. We also carry backboards to ensure equal distribution of the weight of the fire extinguisher, thereby minimising the risk of damage to plasterboard or weaker walls. If you prefer fire buckets over fire extinguishers, then consider using our fire bucket bracket.

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  • Should fire extinguishers be wall-mounted?

    In our post on fire extinguisher installation requirements, we talk about a few key points to remember when installing fire extinguishers on your premises. Firstly, they should be located close to escape doors. Secondly, they should be at an elevated height with the carrying handle around 1 or 1.5 metres from the floor – this makes it easier to carry heavier extinguishers. Lastly, they should be conveniently located, but not in a place where there are extreme temperatures.

    Bearing all this in mind, it is our firm recommendation that yes, fire extinguishers should be wall-mounted. If you would prefer not to do that, then read our post on wall-mounted or floor-standing extinguishers.

  • Choosing the right fire extinguisher wall bracket

    Our J-brackets are perfect for standard water, foam, powder or hydrospray extinguishers. For CO2 extinguishers, we carry 2kg and 5kg brackets which are sold in packs of 20 and have a small lug to ensure the CO2 extinguisher hangs securely.

  • Protecting your walls

    Fire extinguishers can be surprisingly heavy, with some weighing 15kg. Even with properly secured mounting hooks, a wall might not be able to take such a weight. If you have concerns about wall damage, or if you know you have a cavity wall, then consider using a free-standing fire extinguisher stand. They keep your fire extinguisher safe and secure, within easy reach, and are both highly visible and highly durable.

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